Exporlux Who we are Exporlux Group is a Nacional leader in the high range Technical Vocational lighting sector.

Headquartered in Agueda, Exporlux is present in several European, African and Middle East markets, developing solutions for projects of great importance in the architectural world.

Founded in 1987 Exporlux enjoys a strong recognition on the of design, flexibility and quality level. Always looking for technology excellence in products performance and efficiency, this was a key factor for the company success. The fronts of Exporlux investigation include all components of lighting systems:
- Innovative Light Sources
- Use of sustainable materials
- Quality Control Systems

In the Heart of the company, we have an advanced center of research and development laboratories. With its optical, electronical, material and light sources divisions. This center develops and carries out all necessary studies, to prepare for the products industrialization, thus ensuring the best results in terms of quality and international standards.

Our philosophy is based on developing systems that minimize energy consumption in a responsible and rational use of resources, thereby avoiding the use of non-renewable energy in a responsible recycling policy and a continuous process of investment in R&D.

Other companies of our Group:
- SAB