DIALux - the designers software for projects Let there be light - DIALux, the complete software free of charge with photo-realistic visualization.
- Available in all major world languages ​​(25 languages ​​at present).
- Imports and exports to and from all CAD programs in the format. dxf and. dwg.
- Creation of mini-films to show in photo-realistic visualization.
- DIALux is independent and manufacturer-neutral.
- DIALux is continually refined at DIAL by a team of 15 men in the development and technical support.
- World Distribution: With more than 300,000 users DIALux.
- DIALux always have in mind the norms, standards and customs of their countries.
- The structure of DIALux is modeled in standard programs (Windows XP) and therefore its use is simple and intuitive.