28.12.2011 Americana is pioneer in the State with LED Lighting. Americana takes a leap ahead of 300 cities of the state of São Paulo, addressed by the Companhia Paulista de Força e Luz- CPFL ( Paulista Company of Power and Light), takes in lighting by LED, leading to a significant cost reduction and a greater lighting quality . The Mayor Diego De Nadai turned official the partnership between City Hall and CPFL, this Monday morning (19/12), in the Villa Americana auditorium.
The project, estimated in R$ 5,5 millions, belongs to the second stage of the project “Americana Iluminada”, which in its first phase replaces the mercury public lighting by sodium vapour lights (white lights) in the Antonio Pinto Duarte Avenue, São Gabriel Street, Orlando Dei Santi Street, Saudade Avenue, Nossa Senhora De Fatima Avenue, De Cillo Avenue, Cecilia Meirelles Avenue, Antonio Lobo Avenue, Fernando Camargo Street, Rui Barbosa Street, Centenario Viaduct and the Amadeu Elias Viaduct, bringing more safety, comfort and savings to the municipal district. The meaningful difference of the project is its lighting development of luminaries based on Roadled technology, which is widely known as LED. Americana is the first city of Sao Paulo State to receive road cutting-edge technology. On both sides of the Brazil Avenue, will be used LED lighted streetlights belonging to the CPFL light distribution network, totalizing 174 Roadled 150- SONERES luminaries. The centre lane and the walking track will receive a total of 350 EMMA luminaries. “We completed the first stage, now Brazil Avenue has been crowned with this great accomplishment, this represents not only lighting quality, but also savings in public funds; on every LED point it will be saved 100 watts, meaning a 50% saving for the city district” comment the mayor Diego De Nadai during the official act. The walking track and the bike path of Antonio Pinto Duarte Avenue will also receive about 350 EMMA- Soneres luminaries. Dr. Valdemar Tebaldi Viaduct (main entrance) and Teresa Gensen De Nadi Viaduct (connection with Jardim Brazil), will also have lighting improvements. The Secretary of Urban Works and Services, Flavio Biondo, explains that Americana is being a reference to other cities and also to other CPFL partners. “ When I look back and see the total dimension of that accomplishment as also as the whole project itself, I realize that Americana is on its way up on a modern rout”. Comment the secretary. To Devanir Mantoai Junior, manager of the CPFL public power, the partnership with Americana was only possible because of the city fulfilled commitment to the company. “ The city had old debts due to CPFL, the partnership was only viable after the mayor settled all the pending issues. This way we may continue to undertake projects promoting city progress, with what is the latest in means of lighting”. Tomorrow (20.12.2011), as a test new luminaries will be set in front of City Hall. SOSU and CPFL technicians and engineers will follow to ensure that all lighting is according to requirements. The Projecto Eficiencia Energetica (Energy Efficiency project) benefits public schools. Another partnership undertaken between CPFL and City Hall is the project “ Eficiencia Energitica”, currently in progress in school facilities belonging to the city network. The project is based on replacing public schools interior lighting, providing greater lighting quality, safety and savings following sustainability, being that the new lamps consume less power, produces fewer polluting emissions and have a bigger lifespan. Up to now, more than 15 facilities have been addressed with the project, the intent is to make the replacement on the 54 facilities of the municipal network.