20.05.2016 O Desenho Da Luz. Miguel Arruda The temporary exhibition consists of lamps and lighting systems, designed by architect Miguel Arruda using the tile and cork.
Architect's Miguel Arruda exhibition reflects on one of the essential aspects of ceramics, namely the tile, which is that of capturing and diffusing light through its glazed surface. Miguel Arruda worked this fundamental aspect and, in a way, overthrew it. When applying tiles to lamps and other lighting systems, they function as a screen, a shadow space breaking, where applied, the projection of light. Thereby, the tile retains its decorative character, but instead of capturing the world around it, by placing it in backlight its reflecting nature is restricted, thus enabling us to better observe its surface and the drawings registered therein. The project, developed by Exporlux also had another approach, the use of cork in lighting systems, also designed by architect Miguel Arruda. Thus, by associating these tile coated objects with others where cork is used, an aesthetic language is created employing materials that relate to the portuguese space of identity. Links: