07.11.2016 ICONIC AWARDS ICONIC AWARDS: Interior Innovation Selection 2017 Winner

The TOWER model, with a high architectural expression is a decorative lighting solution where the formal characteristics of the "SUN" tile - an authors piece - and the quality of its texture allows a dynamic vertical development, constituting itself as a source of great decorative and luminous potential.
The TILE LIGHTING concept arises from the fusion of a traditionally Portuguese element, the tile, mostly associated with interior and exterior surface coatings for architecture as a decorative element.
From the metamorphosis of this dialogue emerges the TOWER version lined with an author's tile entitled "SUN" based on one of the essential aspects of pottery, such as its appetite to capture and spread light through a glazed surface.
The reflective capacity associated with a strong resistance has contributed to increase the use of tiles in Portugal as a preferential element in the coating of buildings from the beginning of the 19th Century, continuing to establish itself as a strong identifying element of the Portuguese architecture.
The "SUN" project is inspired by the design of an existing facade tile building in Lisbon, where its circular graphics gave rise to an interpretation of anthropomorphic character through the asymmetrical development of a smooth spherical surface.