26.09.2017 EXPORLUX launches ATREX EXPORLUX innovates with the launch of yet another product. The luminaire ATREX defines a new paradigm in space lighting. ATREX is a high quality construction product with the capacity to overcome the most demanding challenges, highlights and emphasizes the three dimensionality of any vertical surface.

EXPORLUX with the launching of ATREX sought to fill the gaps that the market presents regarding the lighting of vertical surfaces and regarding the creation of virtual surfaces defined by light. The ludic interaction with surface textures makes light a creator of seductive and flashy images with the purpose of metamorphosing the space in which it intervenes. The luminaire ATREX is hermetically sealed and is intended for recessed mounting. ATREX is ideal for installations, both indoors and outdoors. With a small dimension produces a homogeneous and a pleasing to the eye effect. ATREX optical system allows a low level of dazzle. The luminaire ATREX is designed to regulate flow, allowing light to be static or dynamic in terms of color temperature and RGB tones. The luminaire ATREX, whether installed internally or externally, ensures, with its minimalist style, high strength and long-lasting reliability.