The EXPORLUX GROUP is one of the Portuguese leaders in the Industrial, Interior, Exterior and Public Technical Lighting sector. Founded in 1987, Exporlux has its industry located in Águeda, (Europe West South Coast), enjoys from a strong recognition in Design, flexibility and product quality.

Always searching for technology excellence in the operation and performance of its products, its philosophy is based on the development of systems that minimize energy consumption with responsible and rational use of resources, supported by a responsible recycling policy and by the continuous investment process in R & D. At the company core, EXPORLUX has an advanced research and development center specialized in optics, electronics and light source areas. This center develops and carries out all the necessary studies for the development and industrialization of products, thus guaranteeing the best possible results.

EXPORLUX is present in several European, African and Middle East markets, developing solutions for major building works and constructions in the world of architecture.

EXPORLUX enjoys a strong recognition in terms of creativity, flexibility and quality. The pursuit of technology excellence in the operation and performance of products is the key factor for EXPORLUX success. Exporlux's specialized research areas include all lighting system components:

  • Innovative light sources
  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Quality Control Systems

EXPORLUX has an advanced Research and Development Laboratory Center. With its optic, electronic, material and light source divisions. This Center develops and carries out all the necessary studies to prepare the industrialization of the products, thus guaranteeing the best quality and compliance results and in compliance with the international standards.  

EXPORLUX's philosophy is based on the development of systems that minimize energy consumption, that are responsible and also rational in the use of resources, avoiding the use of non-renewable energies, in a responsible recycling policy and in a continuous investment process in R&D.


We exist to serve better

Light changes our emotions, giving us a sense of well-being, both physically and mentally. Light in the right amount, at the right place and time, supports the activity, promotes vigor and activates the feeling of comfort.

From the start of the initial idea and from its context to the execution and implementation, EXPORLUX develops every step of a projects life. EXPORLUX presents solutions and ideas that enrich spaces and open way to the imaginary. EXPORLUX focuses on diversity, addressing to both demanding people and to people interested in exploring new solutions.

We seek to satisfy our customers with the quality of our services, products and solutions.

We are always receptive to suggestions and to new lighting ideas, guaranteing good, reliable and resistant protuguese made products. Our philosophy is based on the development of systems that minimize energy consumption, that make a responsible and rational use of resources, avoiding the use of non-renewable energies, it is also based on responsible recycling policy and in a continuous process of R&D investment.



Social Responsability

Our commitment to the Community

EXPORLUX interprets its Social Responsibility as the set of duties and obligations of the Institution in towards the Community in which it is integrated and to the specific interest groups that depend on its activity: Clients, Suppliers, Shareholders and Employees. Our commitment to the Community is based on the intransigent defense of principles of ethics, transparency and respect for the norms that regulate our activity, the relationship with Clients, the promotion of a quality service, underwriting of codes of conduct and good practices, respect for employees by providing the best professional and personal conditions and promoting their continuous training for the development of talent in each one and also in the continuous and committed support to social and cultural activities, responding to the real needs of society.

Since its inception, EXPORLUX has established a set of guiding principles and practices, which application ensures a diligent, efficient and balanced management of the interests of all its Shareholders and other stakeholders. EXPORLUX maintains a responsible relationship with its Suppliers based on continuous assessment and sharing of its sustainability values. In all EXPORLUX operations, purchases made to local suppliers are preferred. Within the activities that integrate the supply chain management, an annual evaluation is made to Suppliers (all suppliers are evaluated), being considered parameters such as: 

  • Quality of products / services provided
  • Compliance with delivery deadline
  • Price agreed with the supplier
  • Received quantity = requested quantity

EXPORLUX's performances in service quality, focuses on two aspects: Market (through the evaluation of the competition) and Customers (through the evaluation of their opinion). Survey's are sended to Clients, in order to perceive their degree of satisfaction about EXPORLUX. The overall EXPORLUX rating was 4 (Good) in a scale of 1 to 5. EXPORLUX offers products and services that incorporate social and environmental concerns (energy-saving lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs) as well as compliance with REACH Regulation.

EXPORLUX has been developing policies that allow achieving a better balance between professional and personal life. As a reinforcement of the commercial strategy, ambitious training projects were created and implemented, extended to all Employees of the company. These programs aim to:

  • Promote the continuous growth of EXPORLUX on a sustained basis
  • Update and recycle employees' technical knowledge
  • Improve the formal communication skills of employees in a corporate level and in the English language
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Strengthening employee employability
  • To know new techniques of Sales and Marketing
  • Maintain and improve certification conditions for quality
  • Recycle and improve technical knowledge in the field of electronics and welding
  • Review and introduce new mechanisms of action at the production level

Trainings integrate the methodologies, On The Job and Face-to-face. EXPORLUX intends to continue its commitment to sustained growth and believes that it must be accompanied by a clear commitment to recycling, updating and improvement of the technical and human skills and knowledge of its employees, as well as the vision and definition of new orientations on productive work. This is the only way to guarantee the continuity of a top quality product, based on quality and on excellence. Most of EXPORLUX's human structure has medium/ low qualifications, so Vocational Training represents an extremely valuable tool. Needs survey was made by earing employees, defining a comprehensive plan to all company areas. Some of the training actions developed:

  • Basic English 
  • Business English
  • Quality audits
  • Awareness raising for Quality
  • Programming techniques
  • Electronics - basic rules for handling components
  • Electronics - General Procedures
  • Improvement in Welding - LEAN
  • Assembly and Manufacturing Cells in Single Flow - LEAN
  • Standard Supply - LEAN
  • Pull Flow Planning
  • Ecodesign
  • Environmental Labeling
  • Awareness in Hygiene and Safety at Work
  • First Aids
  • Sales techniques

EXPORLUX has also signed a cooperation agreement with the CNO of ESMC (Marques Castilho Secondary School). EXPORLUX's value proposition for its Employees includes a wide range of benefits, which aims to contribute to improving the level of welfare of its employees and their families.
An example of this is:

  • Health insurance for employees
  • Protocol with financial institutions for better access to financing

Exporlux materializes its strategy of involvement with the external community, essentially in four action areas:

  • Promotion and dissemination of Culture and Community Activities
  • Promotion of Education and Research
  • Promotion of Solidarity Actions
  • Support for Health Services



- Mão Amiga, National Association of Social Solidarity - Vila Nova de Gaia
The purpose of this association is to combat hunger, poverty, provide aid to needy families, unprotected and poorly treated children, single and abandoned mothers and not forgetting those affected by disasters. It also forms part of this association's activities and social objectives plan, material assistance, social referral, technical assistance and employment orientation.

- Association Novo Olhar - Figueira da Foz
This association has as social objective, the prevention of HIV-AIDS, prevention of drug addiction, risk reduction and harm minimization, family intervention, intervention with the population in need and socially excluded.

- Olhar Futuro, Solidarity Association - Vila Nova de Gaia
The projects of this institution, are based on the support to Young people and children at risk. The "Crescer Sem Risco" Project, support of technical aids. The "Risco Zero" Project, family support. The "Vidas Seguras" Project, support for the elderly. The "Desafios á Ternura" Project. All these support are developed with the aim of supporting the community, especially the poor, promoting their social and community integration. Protection for the elderly and the disabled population. Professional training for adults. Support center for needy children. Domestic support services. Protection of children and youth.

- Valongo do Vouga Town Hall - Valongo do Vouga


- Portuguese Academy of Culture and Solidarity of Águeda - Águeda

- Águeda Deaf Cultural Association - Águeda
Private Institution of Non-profit Social Solidarity, whose objectives are the social, cultural and professional integration of the deaf and its scope of action is at the national level.


- Hospital of Santo André de Leiria - Leiria
Pediatric special care unit that provides differentiated health care to newborns, children and adolescents in conjunction with all intra and extrahospital healthcare providers.



- Group of Schools of Valongo do Vouga - Valongo do Vouga
This grouping includes basic schools and kindergartens.


EXPORLUX is also an associate of the AEA - Águeda Business Association, which promotes and supports Águeda's business fabric. As part of its policies to support local educational institutions (Adolfo Portela Secondary School, Marques de Castilho Secondary School, etc.), where it is possible for the trainees / students to develop their EXPORLUX. Within this scope, it is also possible for educational institutions to make study visits to the company's facilities.

EXPORLUX sees the environmental management aspects as a cross-company responsibility. In 2011, a number of internal and external initiatives in the area of environmental responsibility were continued, which contributed to the reduction of paper consumption and the protection of the environment. All the waste is recycled through the existence of own containers inside the company's facilities, EXPORLUX has a wastewater treatment plant that treat these wastes before it goes to the sewage system, and the waste that incorporates chemicals goes to a special tank to be collected later. At the electrical consuption level there is a concern to use low-energy lighting systems. There are actions to raise awareness among employees about good environmental practices. 


A space that you can visit and where you can feel our products....

The space you can visit, and in which you can choose the most diverse products to achieve your project. Space in which we welcome our most demanding Customers, providing them with a qualified service team, who dedicates all their attention to them, presenting them with standard or personalized solutions.

Environmental Responsibility

A more rational, efficient and environmentally proper use of all resources

Exporlux is committed in making a more rational, efficient and environmentally proper use of all available resources through the internalization of environmental concerns in daily operating practices, with the aim of promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint.

Quality Policy

EXPORLUX evolution and success in business, depends on Customer total satisfaction

Exporlux understands that Customer's total satisfaction is the basic principle for the success of the business and the evolution of the company. To this end, the company's policy is based on the supply of products according to the specifications, requirements and needs of each Client, guaranteeing the confidence, satisfaction, flexibility and competitive standards of quality, prices and deadlines, ensuring all support, monitoring and service after sales, in order to exceed Customer's expectations. Exporlux, whose main objective is the design, manufacture and sale of lighting equipment, with a view to the continuous modernization and professionalization of the activity and to increase its added value.

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