2700K - 6400K

1lm - 35000lm
1W - 500W
Casa de Sarmento Winery

The new cellar of Casa de Sarmento, co-authored by architects Eduardo Souto Moura and Joaquim Portela, is the latest project where Exporlux showcases its products.

"The impressive building, mostly constructed below ground level and blending into the landscape, houses the technical areas related to wine production. It also includes a dining space that pays homage to the origins and core business of Casa de Sarmento, with vineyards as its backdrop and the lush scenery of the Bussaco Mountains on the horizon."
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In this project, it was necessary to illuminate specific spaces with the integration of our products, which had to be done in a complementary manner. The space benefits from the silent presence of our luminaires, which are either concealed or perfectly integrated into the various spaces where they were applied.
Among various custom-made luminaires with a unique design exclusively tailored for this project, Adega Casa de Sarmento incorporates our high-performance luminaire, TUBILINE.

Image credits - Marta Ferreira | LFA Photography

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