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Cacto Velho Building

CACTO VELHO Building, an Architectural Symphony in Cascais

The CACTO VELHO building stands as an architectural masterpiece in Cascais, reinventing the urban landscape with its imposing and innovative presence. Composed of four floors and an extraordinary roof area, this is more than a simple living space... it is a sensorial experience, a work of contemporary art in the form of a home.

The parallelepiped geometry of the CACTO VELHO building draws a unique visual narrative, dialoging harmoniously with the surrounding buildings while redefining the limits of morphotyping. The metal profiles that adorn the facade are not just aesthetic, they are functional, providing shadows that not only add a tactile dimension to the structure, but also play a crucial role in thermal regulation, in a choreographed dance between form and function.

As these profiles majestically extend to the roof, they incorporate LED segments with asymmetrical designs, bringing a futuristic aura to the visual deconstruction of the building. Light and shadow dance together, creating a nighttime visual spectacle that is both captivating and functional.

The genius behind this magnificent project belongs to the company Miguel Arruda Arquitectos Associados, led by the visionary architect Miguel Arruda. His unique architectural vision unfolds in the CACTO VELHO building, transcends the conventional and sets a new standard for residential aesthetics.

It is with great pride that we highlight that, in December 2023, the CACTO VELHO Residential Building was awarded the prestigious Architecture Masterprize Award in the Architectural Design - Residential Architecture - Multi Unit category. This distinction not only validates the exceptionality of the CACTO VELHO building, but also recognizes the boldness and innovation that permeate Miguel Arruda's vision.

Located on Rua Nova da Alfarrobeira, Cascais, the CACTO VELHO building is not just a home, it is a testimony to the perfect fusion between art, functionality and sophistication.

Authorship - Miguel Arruda Arquitectos Associados
Lead Architect - Miguel Arruda
Project - Old Cactus

Architecture MasterPrize

Miguel Arruda Arquitetos Associados

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