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COMUR Aveiro Cannery

"Inaugurated in 1942 in Murtosa, the COMUR factory is one of the biggest flags of the canning industry in Portugal. Initially dedicated to the export of eels, the production evolved to the most varied types of canned fish, always with the highest quality standards and excellence. On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, COMUR has built 500 years in history to create an epic combination of Portuguese exultation by the seas of this world outside. The sea that the Portuguese once made their own, gives us today some of the most wonderful flavors of the world, providing unique gastronomic experiences, possible by the centuries of knowledge that gather here around a can. Secular wisdoms and tastes embraced in a historical tide of reunion of the sea with its heroes.A epic now recounted by COMUR, from Portugal." © Copyrights DIGICYBER.PT