2700K - 6400K

1lm - 35000lm
1W - 500W
Lourdes Gallery

Exporlux lighting was chosen for the Lourdes Gallery project, in Funchal, designed by the Architect João Costa Nóbrega, winner of the Madeira and Porto Santo 2023 Architecture Prize, an award promoted by the Madeira Regional Section of the Architects Order.

Lourdes Gallery, located in Quinta São João, is the space where the architect makes his art collection public, in a discreet intervention, which affirms its modernity using reinforced concrete. Lourdes Gallery is lit by a masterful skylight and is enhanced by a small patio, designed as a niche for a sculpture. The space is powered by photovoltaic panels, which supply electrical energy from carefully selected artificial lighting, whilst taking care of environmental control.

“In a context in which cultivated land has been occupied by low-quality constructions, the exemplary character that this discreet intervention acquires cannot be emphasized enough.”
– Jury of the Madeira and Porto Santo Architecture Prize 2023 -

image credits
Architect João Costa Nóbrega
Photographer Henrique Seruca

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