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Miguel Arruda @ La Gazette de Monaco

The Architect Miguel Arruda is in the spotlight of La Gazette de Monaco magazine, IMMO PORTRAIT tab, in October, issue # 538, a feat that makes us very proud of this project partner. Presented as a Designer, Sculptor, Architect and Teacher - "Miguel Arruda is a colorful figure who has a variety of careers in all the disciplines mentioned. The Portuguese citizen, who heads Miguel Arruda Arquitectos Associados, and whose the wide range of completed works includes the Vila Franca de Xira library, has been nominated for the prestigious European Union Award for Contemporary Architecture - Mies Van der Rohe Award in 2011, will be in Monaco for the first edition of the MDO Award, organized by Arca International ".
in La Gazette de Monaco 96 # 538 | 4 to 31 October 2019

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