2700K - 6400K

1lm - 35000lm
1W - 500W

Winner of the REDDOT AWARD 2017 in lighting design category with Horizon Sun and Level Sun luminaires, the "SUN" project is a recognized success. Horizon and Level, the result of a partnership between Exporlux and the Architect Miguel Arruda, are the products awarded in the category Design Product 2017 of the Red Dot Design Awards. The SUN model from the Tile Lighting range is the personification of quality, the effort and the dedication that Exporlux puts in all its products, defining the standard for Portuguese lighting production.

Exporlux, in partnership with Architect Miguel Arruda, was awarded the Red Dot Award, in the Product Design 2017 category, specifically attributed to Horizon and Level. The award of this prize is the recognition of the excellence of our work and is also an incentive for the continuation of the path made so far... because persistence is the way to success!

The SUN TILE lighting line, having been selected from thousands of products from different countries, SUN TILE was awarded by the RED DOT Jury, thereby giving international recognition to excellence in design, with a prize that aims to reward products that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity. In addition, the lighting line was also awarded the SILVER A'DESIGN Award, in the category of Lighting Design Projects and Lighting Products by the International Design Academy.

The concept of TILE Lightning, is born from a traditional element of Portugal, tile. Inspired by a nineteenth-century building with two-dimensional facade tiles with circular graphics, which gave rise to a three-dimensional interpretation of anthropomorphic character, through a spherical surface. Tower, Horizon and Level are models designed as interior, vertical, suspension or wall light elements. Inside, the latest LED technology that can be equipped with optional dimmer and control via Bluetooth, allowing a strict control of the light source making it possible to adapt to any environment.

Hospitality, Restoration, Residences and Spaces of public and cultural character.

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