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1lm - 35000lm
1W - 500W
Exporlux @ Sleep+Eat 2018

Over two days, the show brings together hospitality leaders with Europe's foremost designers, consultants, architects and emerging talent creating across hotels, restaurants and bars. The expertly curated exhibition sees leading brands showcase their products and concepts. A seminar programme tackles zeitgeisty topics on the future of design. And there's plenty of chance to celebrate the industry's collective, creative spirit.

Living up to its Reputation: Sleep + Eat Declared a Resounding Success. Sleep + Eat was greeted with widespread plaudits last week when it was staged for the first time at London Olympia and introduced a restaurant and bar component to its highly respected hotel design focus. Welcoming a record number of designers and buyers from across the hospitality sector and a wide diversity of overseas visitors, including an increase of 24% in international visitors, the event was praised by exhibitors for maintaining the all-important quality of attendees. The Sleep Conference and Development Roundtables, this year joined by an Eat Conference, played to packed theatres and the level of concept room installations once again astonished and inspired their audiences. 

With more than 150 international exhibitors, this year’s showcase launched over 50 new collections from around the world. This year’s theme of ‘Recognisable and New’ featured iconic brands, newcomers, cutting-edge products and gorgeously crafted items which between them will undoubtedly help to define hospitality design in 2019.

The partnership that EXPORLUX made with GRESPANARIA culminated in the production of a stand with a very sober design where the lines merge into simple geometries, using the diagonals as a way of structuring the space. Light played a key role in the creation of an intimate environment that transports to the light details the textures of the exterior walls of the stand. All studied to the deepest of details and always with an intention... to surprise!

See you again next year! 

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